Join Walt, Ed, and special guest host Scott Graham, as we get a first hand account of the recent RCHO Spring Super Pull, talk the latest news, get to know Scott, and talk about the upcoming, always a killer time, Spring Fling RC Heli Funfly in VA!  All that and more in this episode of The RC Heli Hooligans Podcast!

Join the guys and the master of Nitro tuning himself, Mr. Rob "McTune" McClellan, as they talk the divine sophistication that is the soul of the nitro... 

...or something like that. 

Join the guys as they chat it up with Jay Treadway and Scott Graham from the RC Helis Only group (RCHO) to talk about the upcoming 2019 Spring Super Pull and other random stuff.  Plus, a surprise guest Hooligan makes his way on the show!  Don't miss this exciting new episode of the RC Heli Hooligans Podcast with Walt & Ed!

Lets start over!  We are Walt and Ed, two regular joes who dig helis, and sometimes use helis to dig the ground.  Join us as we dive deep into the world of RC helis and the people who love them.  Joining us on our reboot episode this week is Ron Riccio.  We had a great time recording with Ron, hope you guys enjoy it too!

Part two of our three part series, Decisions, decisions, decisions, titled- Power your shit!  Electric or Nitro?  On the pipe off the pipe, Club Scorpion, Lawn Darts, Rescue, Needers, etc...  Enjoy! 

The guys are back and starting on a three episode journey into the products that you'll be looking for this holiday season.  Please enjoy part one titled, Control Your Shit, where we talk about things related to being in command of your aircraft, from Servos and Blades, to Radios and FBL systems.  Cheers gang!

Join us as we dust the cobwebs off the mixer and catch up on whats been goin down!  Cheers!

Join the guys as they welcome Alex Rose from MSH USA back to the mikes as they discuss helis, funflys, MSH, sims, VR, and try to figure out just what the hell a woogle is.  Tonights episode brought to you by the letter X, enjoy!

Join us for the latest episode of you friendly neighborhood podcast with Walt, Ed, and returning special guest, Nick Maxwell.

Back to the podcast is  Kenny Sierra, yes, The, Kenny Sierra.  We talk about the upcoming Helis over Apache Pass and catch up with Kenny on what he's been up to.  Cheers guys! 

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